Red Rum Records meets SquashComp


Red Rum Records has been around for over 9 years, making albums and producing singles with a variety of local artists from Montreal and the south shore. It was always a collective of hip hop enthusiasts working together to make music.

6 years ago the record label Red Rum Records closed, along with their studio.   Although a lot of the artists had moved on, several of them still wanted to continue making music together.

That’s when Squash Comp (lead by the Montreal rapper Bertrand The Visionary) came into the picture about 5 years ago and formed a rap crew with several of the original label’s artists  With new management, Red Rum Records (now know as Triple R) started doing major shows in Montreal, performing alongside acts such as Tech Nine, Smith and Wesson, Non-Phixion, MadChild, Swollen Members, RA The Rugged Man, Snak The Ripper, Merkules, Onyx, Coka Nostra, Jeru the Damaja, Royce Da 59, Manu Millitari, Souldia, Taktika, Lil Windex, Doom Squad and the list goes on.  


Red Rum Records is now a rap crew, going by the the name of Triple R and includes several of the original members of the old label.  The group is composed of Phil Bousk, Bertrand the Visionary, XL and Scott Murray (formerly known as Element). 

The goal of Triple R has always been to have a raw rock inspired / underground hip-hop feel.  Red Rum Records is not just a group of MC’s, they’re real artists. And true to their art, lyrics and content are top priorities. They want to be original, and make real music.

Bertrand The Visionary was always a businessman, and had been a part of the original Red Rum Records management, helping with marketing and production. SquashComp has been releasing music for the Red Rum Records crew and their affiliates Double Dragon (XL and Scott Muray) and Well Connected (Phil Bousk and newcomer Je$$y B), booking shows, producing music videos and collaborating with artists such as Mad Child, Demrick, Alpha Omega, Doom Squad, and more. As his name implies, Visionary has a vision for Red Rum Records to do more.

Here is a taste of their music:

WellConnected – White Trash ft. Bertrand The Visionary (Prod. Matt Baker Beats)

Visionary – They Fucked up ft. XL & Beeyoudee (Prod: Riopel)

XL – Snap ft. Bertrand The Visionary & The K-Town Villain

Deemy Twoseven – Flip ft. Bertrand The Visionary, XL & Demrick

Phil Bousk – Tout Va Bien ft. DJ K-Turnaz

XL – Keep Smoking ft. Bertrand The Visionary & Deemy Twoseven

QG – WellConnected (Phil Bousk & Je$$y B) ft. Alpha Omega (Prevail & Neph)


Their upcoming official debut album will be released shortly.  Spoiler alert: It has features from Swollen Members, Mad Child, Demrick, Doom Squad and more!


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